The History of Parson House Outdoor Pursuits Centre

Parson House Farm
Parson House Farm was built in 1815, by rev Bingham, hence the name Parson House Farm. Built in Burbage valley to protect it from the weather and for better pasture. However the area was a wind tunnel and gave no shelter, so stone by stone it was taken down and brought onto the tops where it currently stands. The footings of the original building can still be seem today.

On the 5th July 1927 The Duke of Rutland who then owned the property and surrounding moor, sold Parson House Farm to the Sheffield City Estates Dept. Who in turn rented the property, Septimus Priestly, rented the property at the time. He was killed in a traffic accident during a blackout in the 2nd World War, he had a habit of walking up the middle of the road after visiting the Fox House Inn, a car hit him.

His daughter married a Alf Haslam and they lived at Parson House Farm up until 1971, with their family.

Aciclovir online misoprostol buy online treating cancer tumors Parson House FarmWe took over in 1974, a derelict shell of a farmhouse with a barn and out buildings; no electricity, water, or sanitation. Slowly over the years the centre grew into an outdoor centre for children and adults.

Surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the Peak District National Park, the area boasts the best climbing in Europe, climbers and walkers from all over the globe visit the area each year. The Peak Park is the second most visited National Park in the world.

In the summer months the Bell and Ling heather boast a carpet of lilacs and purples, wafting in the breeze, and the greens of bracken and moor land grass compliment the season, whilst in Autumn the browns, yellows and deep purples can give another glowing aspect to the moor. Wherever you walk, the beauty astounds you at every corner.

Iron Age fortresses Carls Walk and Higgar Tor are easily accessible from the farm, and the breath taking views of Kinder Scout and Snake Pass can be seen. The area steeped in history and geological findings.

Parson House Farm is the perfect place to visit for a relaxing weekend or a multi activity challenge. What ever your choice you wont be disappointed.

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